Calibration services

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Choose your type of calibration solution

Trescal offers the best an array of calibration solutions of the market.

Accredited calibration

Trescal is accredited by independent third party (A2LA, COFRAC, ENAC, UKAS, BELAC etc.) and performs accredited calibrations as required by standards in terms of traceability.

Traceable calibration

Trescal also proposes traceable accreditation according to the ISO/IEC GUIDE 99 (VIM).

In-house calibration

Sending your equipment to a Trescal laboratory allows fastest turnaround times. We rely on our fleet to transport your equipments with the upmost care and greatest efficiency.

Customer on-site

We also provides on-site solutions through ad-hoc campaigns, permanent solutions at customer site or fully equiped mobile laboratories at your doorstep.

Solutions in case of a non-compliance

Beyond our calibrations solutions we also offer: adjustement, repair and testing services.