I’m proud to have the opportunity to continue to grow within my role at Trescal and to hold increasing responsibilities through my promotion to be a part of NATA signatory work. It’s really wonderful to positively contribute something meaningful to society in a job that’s challenging and interesting.

Vishal started working within the calibration industry for the past seven years. He started working for the company in January 2018 (then Celemetrix) as a Calibration Tech before working his way up to a Service Technician, where he is responsible for the calibration and repair of electrical RF instruments, including power supplies. Recently, Vishal was promoted into the NATA Signatory role. Now he writes calibration procedures and validations and the pre-and post-assessment of calibrators and other assets.

Vishal holds a Master in Telecommunications Engineering from UTS Sydney and a Bachelor of Instrumentation and Control Engineering from India. After taking coursework in Uncertainty from NMI Sydney, he has been able to complete complex uncertainty calculations in addition to procedure writing, calibration, and fault finding.

Before working for Trescal, he worked as a Calibration Technician for the Zenith Calibration in Sydney. He learned a lot about in-house and on-site calibration of various electrical, RF, medical, construction, and gas monitoring instruments.

Outside of work, he loves to read a variety of books, including the biographies of well-known global leaders. He is a committed volunteer who aims to assist the community as much as possible, from teaching Indian children Gujarati to helping the BAPS Temple in Rosehill.