Customers are aware of the precision and accuracy that they are paying for. I love being challenged to deliver and solve problems at the highest level to exceed their expectations. The positive feedback I’ve received from customers goes a long way toward keeping me motivated and inspired on the job to solve complicated issues.

Nikola is a Calibration Technician that started at Trescal (previously ACS) in 2015. At that time, he was mainly responsible for pressure and electric calibration. Now, he leads onsite calibration of mechanical instruments, pressure instruments, hardness machines, and other equipment. He frequently solves complex issues that require great skill, dedication, and innovation.

He has been in the calibration industry since 2006. Before his current role, he worked at Thales and Futuris Automotive and Robert Bosch. He actually started his technical career at Robert Bosch, working as an apprentice. He began to earn a mechanical certificate but continued his studies to receive an Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He went on to work in the Quality Department of Robert Bosch for ten years. Trying out different fields has created positive professional growth opportunities to learn new equipment and delve into new industries.

Outside of work, he loves to spend time with his young and growing family. When the kids grow older, he looks forward to hiking, cycling, and fishing with them.